Minutes of a Court Martial, 4 February 1841

Hugh McFall, to be Adjutant; R[obert]  D. Foster, Surgeon-in-Chief; George W.  Robinson, Cornet; Wilson Law, Quarter  Master; John S. Ful[l]mer, Pay-Master;  Daniel H. Wells, Commissary; Hyrum  Smith, Chaplain; John F. Weld, Surgeon  of the 1st Cohort; James Kelly, Surgeon  of the 2nd Cohort; James Robi[n]son,  Quarter Master Sergeant; George  Wirick, Sergeant Major; Edward  P. Duzett[e], Chief Musician; and  Levi W. Hancock & D[imick] B. Huntington,  Musicians.
On motion the Court Martial ad journed to Saturday the 20th of Feb., 1841,  at the office of Gen. J. Smith, at 1 o’clock  P. M.
Joseph Smith President.
John C. Bennett, Secretary. [p. 2]
Minutes of a Court Martial, Nauvoo, IL, 4 Feb. 1841; in “Record of the Nauvoo Legion,” pp. 2–4; handwriting of John C. Bennett; Nauvoo Legion Records, CHL.