Minutes of a Court Martial, 9 March 1841

Tuesday, March 9th, AD. 1841.
Court Martial met pursuant to  adjournment; present—
Officers J. Smith, [John C.] Bennett, D. C. [Don Carlos] Smith,  C[harles] C. Rich, [John] Parker, [Arthur] Millikin, [Stephen] Markham,  [Amos] Davis, Kelsey, Wightman, [Anson] Call, [Titus] Billings,  [John] Annis, [Hosea] Stout, [Edward] Hunter, [John] Barnett, [Nelson] Higgins,  W[illiam] M. Allred, Tippets, C[hauncey] L. Higbee, [Darwin] Chase,  [Robert B.] Thompson, [Albert P.] Rockwood, J[ames] Allred, [John] Snider,  [Vinson] Knight, [Hugh] McFall, [George W.] Robinson, [Daniel H.] Wells, Robison,  Dusett [Edward Duzette], [Levi] Hancock, & [Dimick] Huntington, and  S[olon] Foster. Ordered that 2 Companies  constitute a Battalion; & 2 Battalions  a Regiment— and that there be one  Brevet Colonel to each Regiment, and  one Brevet Major to each Battalion.  The court decreed that all general  parades be at Nauvoo, and that all  company parades be within the compa ny bounds. Ordered that a fine of  25 dollars, and imprisonment if necessary,  be assessed against all persons refusing  to obey orders, for each offences.
Adjourned to Monday, March 15— 1841.
Joseph Smith President.
John C. Bennett, Secretary. [p. 5]
Minutes of a Court Martial, Nauvoo, IL, [9 Mar. 1841]; in “Record of the Nauvoo Legion,” p. 5; handwriting of John C. Bennett; Nauvoo Legion Records, CHL.