Ordination of Cyrus Smalling, 30 June 1835

[Name Erased] ordination blessing which he received under the hands of presidents  Joseph Smith, jr. Oliver Cowdery and Sidney Rigdon, in Kirtland, Geauga County; Ohio,  June 30, [space] 1835, when he was set apart by prophecy to the apostleship of the first Seventy,  in the place of Ezra Thayer, who had left the Church and the apostleship.
Brother [Name Erased] in the name of the Lord Jesus we lay our hands upon you, and ordain you to be one  of the first Seventy, and to stand in the office of elder Ezra Thayer, who by transgression fell, for  thou, by the prayer of faith, has obtained his mission and taken his bishopric. We therefore set [p. 24]
Ordination, JS, Oliver Cowdery, and Sidney Rigdon to Cyrus Smalling, Kirtland, OH, 30 June 1835; in Patriarchal Blessing Book 1, pp. 24–25; CHL.