Parley P. Pratt, History of the Late Persecution, 1839

of the late
inflicted by the state of missouri upon the
in which ten thousand american citizens were robbed, plundered, and  driven from the state, and many others imprisoned, marty  red, &c. for their religion, and all this by military  force, by order of the executive.
Minister of the Gospel.
written during eight months imprisonment in that state.
“Great is the truth, and it will prevail.”
Price 25 cents per copy, or $16 per hundred.
DAWSON & BATES, Printers.
1839. [p. [i]]
Parley P. Pratt, History of the Late Persecution Inflicted by the State of Missouri upon the Mormons, in Which Ten Thousand American Citizens were Robbed, Plundered, and Driven from the State, and Many Others Imprisoned, Martyred, &c. for Their Religion, and All This By Military Force, By Order of the Executive; i–vi, 7–84 pp.; Detroit, MI: Dawson & Bates, 1839. The copy used for this transcription is held at CHL.