Petition to United States Congress, 29 November 1839

To the honorable the Senate and House  of Representatives of the united States  of America in Congress assembled:
Your Petitioners Joseph Smith Sidney  Rigdon and Elias Higbee would most  respectfully represent that they have  been delegated, by their breth[r]en and  fellow Citizens, known as “Latter day Saints”  (commonly called Mormons) to prepare  present to you a Statement of their  wrongs and a prayer for their Relief  which they now have the honor to  submit to the consideration of your  Honorable Body.
In the Ssummer of the 1831 a portion  of the Church Sect above named commenced  a settlement in the County of Jac[k]son  in the State of Missouri. The individuals  making that settlement had emigrated  from almost every state in the union hence  to that lovely spot in the far West by the  hope of improvement improvemeng [improving] their condition [p. 1]
JS, Sidney Rigdon, and Elias Higbee, petition, Washington DC, to United States Congress, Washington DC, ca. 29 Nov. 1839; handwriting of Elias Higbee with corrections by Thomas Bullock and probably Robert D. Foster; 35 pages; JS Collection, CHL. Includes endorsement.