Plan for Zion’s Central Squares, circa September 1833

I have marked out the 2 squares below & also the 24 buildings. I have arranged them so  as to leave the spaces between them more equal, and according to the natural judgment  of man would be preferable to the arrangement on the plat <you sent you,>— Thinking perhaps that their  arrangement was not by revelation, and that also that you had not seen them platted out has  induced me to plat them this way for you to view & reflect upon
[drawing ]
If the plan on this [page torn] should be considered preferable to the other perhaps it would be wisdom  to set the buildings [page torn]rer the streets than what they are marked [p. [1]]
Edward Partridge, Plan for Zion’s Central Squares, [Independence, MO], ca. Sept. 1833; handwriting of Edward Partridge; two pages; Edward Partridge Papers, CHL.