Report of the First Presidency, 7 April 1841

heavenly command; numerous habita tions of the saints thickly studding the  flowery and wide spread prairies of  Illinois; temples for the worship of  our God erecting in various parts; and  great peace resting upon Israel.
We would call the attention of the  saints more particularly to the erection  of the Temple, for on its speedy erec tion great blessings depend. The zeal  which is manifested by the saints in  this city is indeed praise worthy, and  we hope will be imitated by the saints  in the various stakes and branches of  the church, and that those who cannot  contribute labor, will bring their gold  and their silver, their brass, and their  iron, with the pine tree and box tree,  to beautify the same.
We are glad to hear of the organiz ation of the different quorums in this  city, and hope that the organization  will be attended to in every stake  and branch of the church, for the Al mighty is a lover of order and good  government.
From the faith and enterprise of the  saints generally, we feel greatly en couraged, and cheerfully attend to the  important duties devolving upon us,  knowing that we not only have the ap proval of Heaven, but that our efforts  for the establishing of Zion and the  spread of truth, are cheerfully second ed by the thousands of Israel.
In conclusion we would say, breth ren, be faithful; let your love and  moderation be known unto all men;  be patient; be mindful to observe all  the commandments of your heavenly  Father; and the God of all grace shall  bless you, even so, Amen.
JS, Sidney Rigdon, and Hyrum Smith, Report, Nauvoo, IL, 7 Apr. 1841; in Times and Seasons, 15 Apr. 1841, 2:384–386.