Resolution, 12 February 1836

1st— Resolved. that no one be ordained to any  office in the church in this stake of Zion  at Kirtland without the unanimous  voice of the several quorums bodies that  constitute this quorum who are appointed  to do church buisness in the name of  said church— viz the presidency of the  church & council the 12, apostles of the  Lamb the 12 high counsellors of Kirtland  the 12, high counsellors of Zion, the Bishop  of Kirtland & his counsellors the Bishop  of Zion and his counsellors— the 7.  presidents of the Seventies; untill otherwise  ordered by the said quorums.— [p. 155]
Resolution, Kirtland, OH, 12 Feb. 1836; handwriting of Warren Parrish; in JS, Journal, Sept. 1835–Apr. 1836, pp. 155–156; JS Collection, CHL.