Resolutions, 23 August 1834

Resolved, that after hearing from the mouths of some that  a suspicion rested upon their minds, relative to the conduct  of our brother, as regards his honesty and Godly walk we  have investigated his whole proceedings, by calling upon  those who accompanied him to, and from Missouri, and  are happy to have it in our power to say to our brethren  abroad, one and all, that we are satisfied with his conduct  having learned from the clearest evidence, that he has acted  in every respect, worthy his high and responsible station  in this church, and has prudently and cautiously preserved  the good of this society at large, and is still worthy our esteem  and fellowship, and that those reports, could have originated  in the minds of none, except, such as either from a  <misunderstanding or a> natural jealousy, are easily led to conceive of evils where  none exist.
Resolved, that we say to our brethren, that while we  are surrounded by thousands, eager to grasp at a shadow  if they have a hope of turning it into a falsehood for  the injury of the gospel, we exhort them to be stedfast  and immoveable in the truth, resting assured, that while  they continue to walk in the holy covenant they have professed  to embrace, that nothing can in the end operate against  their good; and that while wickedness abounds, as in days  of old, the characters of those seeking the greatest good for  their fellow men, will be shamefully traduced, and every  act of their lives misrepresented, and a false shade  thrown over their worthy deeds, calculated to create an  evil prejudice in the minds of community, to prevent,  if possible the increase of light, the better to effect their  own purposes and keep men in error. We say, dear brethren  may peace and the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ be multi plied unto you, through the knowledge of the truth forever.
Resolved, that the minutes be signed by the moderator  and Clerk, and publi[s]hed to the churches in the “Evening and [p. 56]
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 23 Aug. 1834; handwriting of Warren Cowdery; in Minute Book 1, pp. 55–58; CHL.