Revelation, 16 and 17 December 1833 [D&C 101]

may desern between the righteous and the  wicked saith your God and again I say  unto you it is conterary to my command ment and my will that my servant  Alge[r]non Sidney Gilbert should sell my  store house which I have appointed unto  my people unto <into> the hands of mine en emies let not that which I have  appointed be poluted by mine enem ies by the consent of those who call them selves afte[r] my name for this is a very  soar and grievous sin against me and  against my people in consequence of those  things which I have decreed and are  soon to <be>fall the nations therefore it is  my will that my people should  claim and hold claim upon that  which I have appointed unto them  though they should not be permited  to dwell thereon nevertheless I do not  say they shall not dwell thereon for in  as much as they bring forth fruit  and works meet for my kingdom  they shall dwell thereon they shall  build and anothe[r] shall not inher it it they shall plant vineyards  and they shall eat the fruit thereof  even so amen [p. 83]
Revelation, Kirtland, OH, 16 and 17 Dec. 1833; handwriting of Frederick G. Williams; in Revelation Book 2, pp. 73–83; Revelations Collection, CHL.