Revelation, 16 and 17 December 1833 [D&C 101]

worship me according to mine everlasting  gospel should gather to gether and stand in  holy places and prepare for the revelation  which is to come when the veil of the covering  of my temple in my tabernacle which hideth  the earth shall be taken off and all flesh  shall see me together and evry coruptable  thing both of man or of of the beasts of the field  or of the fowls of heaven or of the fish  of the sea that dwell upon all the face of  of the earth shall be consumed And also  that of element shall melt with ferva nt heat and all things shall become  new that my knowledge and glory may  dwell upon all the earth and in that  day the enmity of man and the en mity of beasts yea the enmity of all  flesh shall cease from before my face  And in that day whatsoever any man  ask shall ask it shall be given unto him  and in that day shall satan shall not  have power to tempt any man and  there shall be no sorrow because there  is no death In that day an infant  shall not [die] until he is old and his life  shall be as the age of a tree and when he  dies he shall not sleep that is to say in the  earth but shall be changed in the twin kling of an eye and shall be caught  up and his rest shall be glorious yea  verely I say unto you in that day  when the Lord shall come he shall rev eal all things things which have passed  and hidden things which no man know [p. 75]
This revelation, dictated in the aftermath of the violent expulsion of church members from Jackson County, Missouri, provided direction on a variety of questions and concerns raised by those events. Along with explaining the cause of the displacement, it discussed the future of Zion and counseled the Missouri church not to sell Jackson County lands but to petition the government for redress.
Frederick G. Williams recorded this text in Revelation Book 2, without a preface or conclusion. John Whitmer entered the text into Revelation Book 1. A broadside, printed no later than 19 January 1834, also included the revelation. The Painesville (Ohio) Telegraph published a version as “A Scrap of Mormonism” in the 24 January 1834 edition. The 1835 Doctrine and Covenants includes this revelation with a date of December 1833.