Revelation, 22–23 September 1832 [D&C 84]

A revelation given in Kirtland the 22d & 23d. day of Sept AD 1832
A revelation of Jesus Christ unto his saints servant Joseph and six Elders as they united  there hearts in lifting there voice on high, yea the word of the Lord, concerning his chu rch established in the last days. for the restoration of his people as he has spoken by  the mouth of his prophets and for the gathering, of his saints to stand upon mount Zion  which shall be called the city New Jerusalem, which city shall be built begining at the  temple lot which is appointed by the finger of God the Lord in the western boundaries of the State of Missou[ri]  and dedicated by the hand of Joseph and others with whom the Lord was will pleased, verily this is the  word of the Lord, that the city New Jerusalem shall be built by the gathring of the saints begining  at this place, even the place of the Temple, which Temple shall be built <reared> in this generation  for verely this generation shall not all pass away untill an house shalt be built unto  the Lord and a cloud shall rest upon it which cloud shall be even the glory of  the Lord which shall fill the house, and the sons of Moses according to the holy Priest hood which he received under the [hand of his] father in Law Jethro, and Jethro received it u[n]der  the ha[n]d of Caleb. and Caleb received it under the hand of Elihu and Elihu under  the hand of Jeremy and Jeremy under the hand of Gad and Gad under the hand  of Esaius and Esaius received it under the hand of God, Esaius lived also lived in  the days of Abraham and was blessed of him which Abraham received the Priesthood  from Melchesedec who received it through the linage of his fathers even till  Noah, and from Noah till Enoch, through the linage of thare fathers and from  Enoch to abel who was slain by the conspiracy of his brother who received the  Priesthood by the commandment of God by the hand of his father Adam who  was the first man, which Priesthood continueth in the church of God in all gen erations and is without begining of days or end of years and the Lord confir med a priesthood also upon Aaron and his seed throughout all the generations  of the Jews. which priesthood also continueth and abideth for ever with the Priesthood which  is after the holiest order of God, and this greater Priesthood adminestereth the gospel  and holdeth the key of the misteries of the kingdom, even the key of the knowledge of  God therefore in the ordinences thereof the power of Godliness is manifest and without  the ordinences thereof, and the authority of the Priesthood, the power of Godliness is  not manifest unto man in the flesh, for without this no man can see the face of  God even the father and live, now this Moses plainly taught to the children of Israel  in the wilderness, and saught diligently to sanctify his people that they might  behold the face of God, but they hardened ther hearts and could not endure  his presence therefore the Lord in his wrath (for his anger was kindled against them)  swore that they should not enter into his rest, which rest is the fulness of his glory  while in the wilderness, therefore he took Moses out of there midst and the holy Priesthood  also, and the lesser Priesthood continued, which Priesthood holdeth the keys of the minis tring of Angels and the preparitory gospel, which gospel is the gospel of repentence  and of Baptism, and the remission of sins, and the Law of carnal commandments—  which the lord in his wrath caused to continue with the house of Aaron among the  children of Israel until John whom God raised up being fillid with the holy ghost from  his Mothers womb, for he was baptised while he was yet in his the mothers womb and was  ordained by the Angel of God at the time he was eight days old unto this power  to overthrow the kingdom of the Jews and to make straight the way of the Lord [p. [1]]
Revelation, Kirtland, OH, 22–23 Sept. 1832; handwriting of Frederick G. Williams; six pages; Newel K. Whitney Papers, BYU. Includes Newel K. Whitney endorsement.