Revelation, 22 December 1841–B

And the word of the Lord came say verily thus  Saith the Lord. Let my Servant John Snider take a  mission. To the Eastern Continent. unto all the conferences  that are now sitting in that region & let him carry  a package of Epistles, that shall be written by my  Servants the 12, making known unto them their duties  concer[n]ing the boarding of my houses which I have appoi[n]ted  unto you saith the Lord. that they may bring their  G[old] & their S[ilver] & their precious Stones. & the box tree & th[e]  Fir tree. & all fine wood. & beautify the place of  [m]y sanctuary saith the Lord. & let him return with  all means speedily which shall be put into his hand  even so Amen. [p. [1]]
Revelation, Nauvoo, IL, 22 Dec. 1841; handwriting of Willard Richards; one page; Revelations Collection, CHL.