Revelation, 6 August 1836 [D&C 111]

parts; and its wealth, pertaining to  gold and silver, shall be yours. Con cern not yourselves about your debts,  for I will give you power to pay  them. Concern not yourselves about  Zion, for I will deal merciful[ly]  with her. Tarry in this place and  in the regions round about, and  the place where it is my will  that you should tarry, for the main,  shall be signalized unto you  by the peace and power of thy my  Spirit, that shall flow unto you.  This place you may obtain by  hire, &c. ...And inquire [p. [36]]
Revelation, Salem, MA, 6 Aug. 1836; handwriting of William W. Phelps; in William W. Phelps, Journal, pp. 35–37; CHL.