Revelation, February 1831–A [D&C 43]

Heaven the Hevens shall shake & the Earth shall tremble &  the Trump of God shall sound both long & loud & shall  say to the sleeping Nations ye saints arise & live ye  sinners stay & sleep untill I shall call again Wherefore  gird up your loins lest ye are found among the wicked  lift up your voices & spare not call upon the Nations  to repent both old & young both bond & free saying  prepare yourselves for the great day of the Lord for if  I who am a man do lift up my voice & call upon you  to repent & ye hate men what will you say when the  day cometh when the Thunders shall utter their voices  from the ends of the Earth speaking in the ears of all  that live saying repent & prepare for the great day of the  Lord yea & again when the lightning shall streak  forth from the East unto the west & shall utter forth their  voices unto all that live & make the ears of all tingle  that hear saying these words repent ye for the great day  of the Lord is come & again the lord shall utter his voice  out of Heaven saying hearken O ye Nations of the  Earth & hear the words of that God who made you O ye  Nations of the Earth how often would I have gethered you  as a hen gethereth her chickens under her wings but  ye would not how oft have I called upon you by the  mouth of my Servents & by the ministering of Angels  & by the voice of lightnings & by the voice of tempests  & by the voice of Earthquakes & great hailstorms & by the  voice of famines & pestilences of evry kind & by the great  sound of a trump & by the voice of Judgements & by the  voice of mercy all the day long & by the voice of Glory &  honour & the riches of eternal life & would have saved you  with an everlasting salvation but ye would not Behold  the day has come when the cup of the wrath of mine  indignation is full Behold verily I say unto you that  these are the words of the Lord your God Wherefore Labour  ye Labour ye in my vineyard for the last time for the last  time call ye upon the inhabitants of the Earth for in mine [p. 69]
Revelation, Kirtland, OH, Feb. 1831; handwriting of John Whitmer; in Revelation Book 1, pp. 67–70; CHL.