Revelation to Edward Partridge, 7 January 1838

Kirtland, Jan. 7th 1838
Brother [Edward] Partridge, Thus saith the Lord, my servant  Edward and his house shall be numbered with the blessed  and Abraham their father, and his name shall be had in  sacred rem[em]brance. And again thus saith the Lord, let my  people be aware of dissensions among them lest the ene my have power <over> them, Awake my shepherds and warn my  people! for behold the wolf cometh to destroy them! receive  him not. Now I would inform you that my health is good  and also that of my family, and it is my earnest prayer  to God that health, peace, and pleanty may crown your board  and blessings of Heaven rest upon the head of him in whom the  Lord hath said there is no guile. [p. 52]
Revelation to Edward Partridge, Kirtland, OH, 7 Jan. 1838; handwriting of Edward Partridge Jr.; in Edward Partridge Jr., Genealogical Family Record, p. 52; CHL.