Revised Minutes, 17 February 1834 [D&C 102]

Kirtland Feb 17. 1834.
This day a <general> council of <24> high Priests assembled at the house  of Joseph Smith Junr. <by revelation> and proceeded to organize the high council  of the Church of Christ, which is <was> to consist of twelve high priests,  and one, or three presidents, as the case may <might> require. This <high> council  is <was> appointed by revelation, for the purpose of settleing important  difficulties which may <might> arise in the church, which cannot <could not> be settled  by the Church, or the bishop’s council to the satisfaction of the  parties
Joseph Smith Junr.
Frederick G Williams were acknowledged pres idents, by the voice of the council; and
Joseph Smith SeignJared Carter
John Smith Oliver Cowdery
Joseph Coe Saml. H Smith
John Johnson Orson Hyde
Martin Harris Sylvester Smith and
John S CarterLuke Johnson,
high priests, were  chosen to be a standing council for the Church, by the unanimous  voice of the council.
The above named counsellors were then asked whether they accepted  their appointments, and whether they would act in that office  according to the law of Heaven: to which they all answered, that they  accepted their several appointments, and would fill their offices accord ing to the grace of God bestowed upon them.
The numbers composeing the council, who voted in the name, and  for the church in appointing the above named counsellors, were  forty three; As follows: Nine high priests, Seventeen elders, four  priests, and thirteen members.
Voted, that this <the high> council cannot have power to act without  seven of the above named counsellors, or their regularly appointed  successors, are present; these seven shall have power to appoint  other high priests whom they may consider worthy and capable  to act in the place of absent counsellors. [p. 32]
Revised minutes, Kirtland, OH, 17 Feb. 1834; handwriting of Orson Hyde; in Minute Book 1, pp. 31–35; CHL.