Selections from Elders’ Journal, August 1838

husband at all times, not as a servant,  neither as one who fears a tyrant, or a  master, but as one, who, in meekness,  and the love of God, regards the laws  and institutions of Heaven, looks up to  her husband for instruction, edification  and comfort. “Even as Sarah obeyed  Abraham, calling him Lord, whose  daughters ye are, as long as ye do well,  and are not afraid with any amaze ment.”—1st Peter, 3rd 6th.
Agreeable to the proceedings of a general  Conference of the authorities of the church  of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints, assem bled in the city Far West, April 6th 1838, at  the first quarterly conference held in this  place. It becomes my duty to give some in formation to the ordained members of this  church, with respect to licenses, etc. All  licenses whether that of an elder, priest,  teacher; or deacon, must be given by the gen eral Recorder, and signed by the first presi dency, and general clerk otherwise they will  be considered null and void, or without au thority.
Certificates, however can be given to those  who are ordained, where it is inconvenient  to obtain licences at the time, which certifi cates, when presented to the general record er, will entitle him to a license. It is also  necessary to have all licenses recorded on  the general church record. It is further ne cessary for all persons receiving or taking  licenses from any individual in consequence  of ill behavior; to send such license to the  general recorder, in order to have it erased  from the docket, or record. If the licenses  of any persons are called for officially; in con sequence of their misbehavior, and such per sons refuse to give them up, then it is the  duty of such Court or officer, authorized to  take such license or licenses to give informa tion accordingly, to the general recorder,  that his license may be killed, and he publish ed to the world.
It is the duty of the Clerk of each branch  of the church, not yet organized into a stake  by the first presidency to send a record of  the names of said branch. And also the  most interesting part of said history such as  miracles etc. to the Clerk of the nearest  stake, or to such as they may be attached.
It is the duty of the Clerk and recorder of  each stake of Zion, to preserve in order the  records under his hands, that, he has the  names of the individuals belonging to, or with  in his jurisdiction in alphabetical order, so  that the general recorder can obtain them  with ease. They will also please to observe  and keep their record with an index or in such  order, that the matter wanted, at any time,  can be had with as little trouble as possible.— And further that every Clerk and recorder,  notice in his record every interesting inci dent or such as his president, or the presi dents of such stake may think proper, so that  the same may be noticed in its proper se quence in the general church history, which  will undoubtedly be published from time to  time, as the Church progresses. Also let  them furnish the general Clerk and recorder  every quarterly Conference with a transcript  of all their records, or else such stake will not  be noticed in the general history.
General Clerk and Recorder.
To the Saints gathering into Zion:—
It is of importance that they  should return their names to the recorders of  the different stakes, in order that their names  may be had in the general Church record.— Many have come and have settled at a dis tance without returning their names to the  recorders of the stakes, in which they have  settled. Thus rendering it very difficult for  the general church record to be kept.
It is expected that all the saints coming up  to this land, or gathering into Zion; will  have their names recorded on the records of  the respective stakes, where they may settle.
We further say to the saints gathering, that  the rumors which have gone abroad of the  scarcity of provisions in this part of the coun try, is absolutely false—there is a great abun dance, and the present appearance for corn,  was never surpassed in any part of the Unit ed States.
Therefore you need not fear, but gather  yourselves together unto this land, for there  is, and will be an abundance.
Done by order of the first presidency,
Elders O[rson] Pratt, Wilford Woodruff,  John Taylor of Canada, and John E.  Page are requested to come immediate ly to Far West, to prepare for a great  mission.
Far West, August 3rd, 1838. [p. 62]
Selections from Elders’ Journal, Far West, MO, Aug. 1838, pp. 50–51, 54–62.