Selections from Elders’ Journal, August 1838

In this paper, we give the procedings  which were had on the fourth of July, at this  place, in laying the corner stones of the tem ple, about to be built in this city.
The oration delivered on the occasion, is  now published in pamphlet form: those of  our friends wishing to have one, can get it,  by calling on Ebenezer Robinson, by whom  they were printed. We would reccommend  to all the saints to get one, to be had in their  families, as it contains an outline of the suf fering and persecutions of the Church from  its rise. As also the fixed determinations of  the saints, in relation to the persecutors, who  are, and have been, continually, not only  threatening us with mobs, but actually have  been putting their threats into execution;  with which we are absolutely determined no  longer to bear, come life or come death, for to  be mob[b]ed any more without taking vengeance,  we will not.
We wish to say to our patrons, that  many of them having left their old  places of residence, while many are  on the road to this place, and have not  given us notice of the same, we know  not where, nor to whom we should  send the Journal.
Whenever a subscriber is about to  remove, he ought to give us notice that  we may know where to send his pa per. We know not who are here, who  are on the road, nor who remain at  their old places of abode.
We therefore request, that all send  in their names anew, who have not  done so, since the renewal of the Jour nal in this place. And we shall ex pect, that those who have not paid in  advance for the Journal, will also send  or bring their money, with their names  now, as all saints must consider, that it  will be impossible to sustain the paper,  under our present limited circumstan ces without means.
We also say to the Elders abroad,  you are the main props of the Elders  Journal, on you all depends. It is [p. 54]
In the final issue of the Latter Day Saints’ Messenger and Advocate, dated September 1837, a prospectus appeared announcing the forthcoming publication of the Elders’ Journal of the Church of Latter Day Saints. The following month, the first issue of the new paper appeared. The short-lived newspaper ran only four issues—two in Kirtland, Ohio, dated October and November 1837; and two in Far West, Missouri, dated July and August 1838. For the two Far West issues, the title of the paper was changed to Elders’ Journal of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. JS is listed as editor for each of the four issues, with Thomas B. Marsh listed as proprietor or publisher. It is unknown how labor was divided on the newspaper or how much immediate responsibility JS had for the content. The paper presumably would have continued with additional issues in Missouri had it not been for the escalating violence between Mormons and non-Mormons in late 1838, which culminated in the Mormons being driven from the state. After settling at Commerce, Illinois, the Saints began publishing a new paper, the Times and Seasons—though explicitly not as a successor to the Elders’ Journal.
Because of JS’s involvement as editor of the Elders’ Journal, the Joseph Smith Papers will publish the significant editorial content from each issue as a collection of documents. Some of the individual items are signed “Ed[itor]” while others are not. Each of these collections is titled “Selections from Elders’ Journal” and dated with the month and year of publication for the issue.