Selections from Elders’ Journal, November 1837

We are aware that it is not expect ed by the elders of the church of Lat ter Day Saints, that their private epis tles will be spread before the public,  especially when addressed to their  wives; & the apology we have to offer  for so doing at this time is, that our col umes could not be devoted to a better  use, than they are with the following  epistle from our beloved Bro. O[rson] Hyde.  Although it is but ten days later than  that of elder [Heber C.] Kimball’s, published in  the Oct. No. yet, we think it will be  a sweet morsel to every Saint, and  will serve as a stimulative to the minis ters of our God, that their exertions in  the proclatmaion [proclamation] of the gospel may be  untiring, until the uttermost corners  of the earth shall be made to tremble  with the sound of their voices, and the  Israel of God be gathered out against  the day of disolution, which is speedily  to come upon the earth, if the ancient  prophets have not prophesied falsely.
Ed. [p. 19]
Selections from Elders’ Journal, Kirtland, Ohio, Nov. 1837, pp. 17, 19, 27–29, 31–32.