Selections from Elders’ Journal, October 1837

We are in hopes that our patrons  from seeing the Journal, close at the  heels of the Messenger and Advocate,  will take courage and forward us the  ready; for they may be assured that if  there is no lack on their part, that the  Journal shall at all times be forth com ing in its season without delay, and by  so doing our readers can get the news  before it gets cold.
When our patrons are aware of the  fact, that on the old subscription, out of  about 1500 subscribers, there is now  between 800 and $1000 behind, they  will not blame our predecessors for  being in the drag—a word to the wise  is sufficient. [p. 15]
Selections from Elders’ Journal, Kirtland, Ohio, Oct. 1837, pp. 3–4, 15.