Colesville Township, New York 



Area settled, beginning 1785.1 Formed from Windsor Township, Apr. 1821.2 Population in 1830 about 2,400.3 Villages within township included Harpursville, Nineveh, and Colesville.4 Susquehanna River ran through eastern portion of township.5 JS worked for Joseph Knight Sr., 1826–1827, likely near Nineveh.6 Many believers lived in area, and JS visited and preached in township often.7 Many early Saints, including Emma Hale Smith, were baptized in township.8 Beginning Oct. 1830, JS’s brother Hyrum Smith presided over Colesville Saints for five months.9 JS revelations, dated 30 Dec. 1830 and 2 Jan. 1831, instructed Colesville Saints to move to Ohio.10 Majority of Saints left area, Apr. 1831.11