N. K. Whitney & Co. white store, Kirtland Township, Ohio 



In Apr. 1826, Whitney purchased quarter-acre lot on northeast corner of Chardon and Chillicothe roads and built two-story, 1500-square-foot, white store.1 Mercantile store also functioned as Kirtland Mills post office.2 Whitney met JS at store, 4 Feb. 1831.3 Whitney and new partner A. Sidney Gilbert maintained relatively large inventory for northeastern Ohio.4 White store also helped supply Gilbert and Whitney’s store in Independence, Missouri.5 JS revelations, 1831–1832, specified that store should also serve as bishop’s storehouse for provisioning poor.6 In 1832, Whitney family began remodeling store to provide living space for JS and family, who lived there, 12 Sept. 1832–ca. Feb. 1834.7 Upper room in southeast corner functioned as administrative and translation site.8 Upper room in northeast corner, built at JS’s request, served as council room and location of School of the Prophets.9 In these rooms, JS dictated numerous revelations, including one on health code; gave preparatory instruction for missionaries; and worked on translation of Bible.10 Store ceased operation as N. K. Whitney & Co., 4 Aug. 1838.11