Agreement with Isaac Hale, 6 April 1829

Received on the within Sixty four Dollars April 6th 1829 
Isaac Hale

Original signatures of Isaac Hale.  

Received on the within fifty <Dollars> April 27th 1829
Received the interest on the within in full up to this date  June the 21. 1830

Oliver Cowdery handwriting ends; John Whitmer begins.  

Recd on the within in full Harmony August 26th. 1830
[p. [2]]
Oliver Cowdery, a schoolteacher and recent acquaintance of the Smith family in New York, journeyed to Harmony, Pennsylvania, expressly to meet JS. Cowdery arrived on 5 April 1829, and the next day JS purchased fourteen acres of land in Harmony from Isaac Hale, his father-in-law. Cowdery drafted this agreement and the following day began his service as transcriber for much of the Book of Mormon.
The lot, directly adjoining Isaac Hale’s property, included a small house in which JS and his wife Emma lived and where the translation occurred. Oliver Cowdery may have provided some of the first payment, sixty-four dollars toward the two-hundred-dollar purchase price, presented to Hale when this agreement was signed. Hale was paid in full on 25 August 1830.