Agreement with Martin Harris, 16 January 1830

I hereby agree that Martin Harris shall have an equal  privilege with me & my friends of selling the Book of Mormon of  the Edition now printing by Egbert B Grandin until enough of them  shall be sold to pay for the printing of the same or until such times as  the said Grandin shall be paid for the printing the aforesaid Books or copies
Joseph Smith Jr
Manchester January the 16th 1830
By August 1829, Martin Harris had pledged his farm as security to E. B. Grandin for the Book of Mormon’s publication. This agreement secured for Harris one-half of the proceeds from the Book of Mormon’s sale until he was fully reimbursed, in effect making the Smith family and Harris equal beneficiaries. This document was signed on 16 January 1830, a date that coincided with JS’s visit to New York to stop Abner Cole from publishing unauthorized excerpts from the Book of Mormon in his Palmyra newspaper, The Reflector.
Oliver Cowdery prepared this document and witnessed it; JS signed it. The original is retained in the Simon Gratz Collection, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Gratz’s date of acquisition is unknown.