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Alexander Neibaur, Journal, 24 May 1844, extract

24 called at Br J= S  met Mr Bonnie= Br Joseph tolt us the first call  he had a Revival Meeting his Mother & Br & Sister  got Religion, he wanted to get Religion too  wanted to feel & shout like the Rest but  could feel nothing, opened his Bible the first  Passage that struck him was if any man  lack Wisdom let him ask of God who giveth  to all Men liberallity & upbraidet not  went into the Wood to pray kneelt himself down  his tongue was closet cleavet to his roof— could  utter not a word, felt easier after a while= saw  a fire towards heaven came near & nearer  saw a personage in the fire light complexion  blue eyes a piece of white cloth drawn over  his shoulders his right arm bear after a w[h]ile  a other person came to the side of the first  Mr Smith then asked must I join the Methodist  Church= No= they are not my People, th all  have gone astray there is none that doeth  good no not one, but this is my Beloved  son harken ye him, the fire drew nigher  Rested upon the tree enveloped him [p. [23]]
Alexander Neibaur, Journal excerpt, 24 May 1844; in Alexander Neibaur, Journal, 5 Feb. 1841–16 Apr. 1862, pp. 23–24; handwriting of Alexander Neibaur; CHL.