Deed to Jacob Zundell, 2 February 1842

<J. Smith  To  J[acob] Zundell>
<Recorded   June 1843>
<¾ of Lot 1  Block 127  Nauvoo>
This Indenture made and entered into this second day of February in the  year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and forty two. between Joseph  Smith and Emma his wife, of the county of Hancock and state of Illinois of  the one part, and Jacob Zundell of the county of Hancock and State aforesaid  of the other part Witnesseth, that the said Joseph Smith and Emma his  wife, for and in consideration of the sum of Three hundred & thirty Seven dollars  to them in hand paid, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, do hereby,  grant, bargain, sell, convey and confirm unto the said Jacob Zundell his  heirs and assigns forever, all that tract of parcel of land, situate and being  in the County of Hancock in the State of Illinois, viz: The North west quar ter, and the South West Quarter and the South east Quarter of Lot No one in  Block No one hundred and twenty Seven of the City of Nauvoo as described and  numbered on the plat of said city— three fourths of said Lot No 1 on block 127  be the same more or less, Together with all and singular the appurtenances  there unto belonging, or in any wise appertaining. To have and to hold the above  described premises unto the said Jacob Zundell his heirs and assigns forever.  And the said Joseph Smith and Emma his wife, their heirs and assigns, the  aforesaid premises, unto the said Jacob Zundell his heirs against  the claim or claims of all and every person whomsoever. do and will Warrant and  forever defend by these presents. In testimony whereof. the said Joseph Smith and  Emma Smith his wife of the first part. have hereunto set their hands and seals.  the day and year above written
Joseph Smith L S
Signed. Sealed and delivered in presence  of Samuel H. Smith
State of Illinois)ss
Nauvoo City)
Nauvoo City)
I. Samuel H. Smith a Justice of the Peace of Nauvoo  city. do certify, that Joseph Smith and Emma his wife, whose signatures ap pear to the foregoing Deed, and who are personally known to me to be the persons  described in, and who executed the Same. did severally acknowledge that they  had executed the said conveyance, for the uses and purposes therein mentioned,  And the said Emma Smith having been by me made acquained with the con tents of the said Deed and examined seperate and apart from her said hus band. acknowledged that she had executed the same, and relinquised her dower  to the premises therein conveyed. Voluntarily, freely, and without compulsion of her  said husband. Given under my hand and seal this Seckond day of Feb ruary in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and forty two—
<Fees 0.87%> [p. 255]
JS and Emma Smith, Deed, Nauvoo, IL, to Jacob Zundell, Nauvoo, IL, 2 Feb. 1842; Deed Book L, p. 255, Hancock County Recorder’s Office; microfilm at Family History Library.