Discourse, 12 November 1835

great things that God is about to bring to  pass; but there is on[e] great deficiency or  obstruction, in the way that deprives us of  the greater blessings, and in order to make  the foundation of this church complete and  permanent, we must remove this obstruct ion, which is to attend to certain duties that  we have not as yet attended to; I supposed  I had established this church on a perma nent foundation when I went to the Miss ourie and indeed I did so, for if I had  been taken away it would have been eno ugh, but I yet live, and therefore God  requires more at my hands:— The item  to which I wish the more particularly  to call your attention to night is the ord inance of washing of feet, this we have  not done as yet but it is necessary now  as much as it was in the days of the  Saviour, and we must have a place pre pared, that we may attend to this ordi nance, aside from the world; we have  not desired much from the hand of  the Lord, with that faith and obediance  that we ought, yet we have enjoyed great  blessings, and we are not so sensible of this  as we should be; When or wher has God  suffered one of the witnesses or first Elders  of this church <to> fall? never nor nowhere  amidst all the calamities and judgments  that have befallen the inhabitants of  the earth his almighty arm has sus tained us, men and Devils have raged  and spent the malice in vain. [p. 32]
JS, discourse, Kirtland, OH, 12 Nov. 1835; handwriting of Warren Parrish; in JS, Journal, Sept. 1835–Apr. 1836, pp. 30–35; JS Collection, CHL.