Doctrine and Covenants, 1844

Great I AM, even Jesus Christ, the light and  the life of the world; a light which shineth in  darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it  not: the same which came in the meridian of  time unto my own, and my own received me  not; but to as many as received me, gave I  power to become my sons, and even so will I  give unto as many as will receive me, pow er to become my sons.
2 And verily, verily I say unto you, he that  receiveth my gospel, receiveth me; and he  that receiveth not my gospel, receiveth not  me. And this is my gospel: repentance and  baptism by water, and then cometh the bap tism of fire and the Holy Ghost, even the Com forter, which showeth all things, and teacheth  the peaceable things of the kingdom.
3 And now behold I say unto you, my ser vant James, I have looked upon thy works and  I know thee: and verily I say unto thee, thine  heart is now right before me at this time, and  behold I have bestowed great blessings upon  thy head: neverthelsss thou hast seen great  sorrow, for thou hast rejected me many times  because of pride, and the cares of the world:  but behold the days of thy deliverance are  come, if thou wilt hearken to my voice, which  saith unto thee, arise and be baptized, and  wash away your sins, calling on my name and  you shall receive my Spirit, and a blessing so  great as you never have known. And if thou  do this, I have prepared thee for a greater  work. Thou shalt preach the fullness of my  gospel which I have sent forth in these last  days; the covenant which I have sent forth to [p. 283]
The Doctrine and Covenants of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; Carefully Selected from the Revelations of God. By Joseph Smith, President of Said Church. 2nd ed. Nauvoo, IL: John Taylor, 1844; 3–448; includes typeset signature marks and copyright notice. The copy presented herein is held at CHL; includes marginalia and archival markings.
All but the final gathering of this book was printed in octodecimo format on thirteen sheets that were cut and folded into thirteen gatherings of eighteen leaves (thirty-six pages) each. The final gathering comprises eight leaves (sixteen pages). The text block measures 5⅞ × 3⅝ inches (15 × 9 cm).
The copy of the book presented herein is in a presentation binding of red sheepskin with gilt edges. The volume measures 6 × 3⅞ × 1 inches (15 × 10 × 3 cm). The spine is stamped with gilt ornamental panels and “Doctrine | and | Covenants” and “J. Glenn.” in gilt. The front and back pastedowns, the front flyleaf, and the back flyleaf are single-sided marbled leaves featuring a shell pattern with brown body and veins of red and white. In this copy, the first leaf of the first gathering, which is blank in other extant copies, is missing. The verso of the front flyleaf has two inscriptions, the first in graphite and the second in ink: “RN 69025 | Vault | Book Area | M223.1 | D632 | 1844” and “Jane Glenn | from her friend | Leonora Taylor | Nauvoo Oct 27th | 1844”. The handwriting of the first inscription is unknown; Leonora Taylor inscribed the second.
As the aforementioned ink inscription indicates, Leonora Taylor, wife of early church leader and printer John Taylor, presented this book to Jane Glenn. The book came into the possession of the Historical Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints circa 1983.