General Orders for Nauvoo Legion, 20 December 1841

Head Quarters, Nauvoo Legion.
City of Nauvoo, Ill., Dec. 20th, 1841.
general orders.
The commissioned officers of the staff  and line are directed to return their re spective commissions to Adjutant-Gen eral [Hugh] McFall for registry by the 15th of  January, proximo; and those who have  not yet received their commissions are  directed to call upon that officer, and ob tain them, at their earliest convenience.  Brig. Gen. [Wilson] Law, of the 1st Cohort, and  Brig. Gen. [Charles C.] Rich, of the 2nd Cohort, are  enjoined to issue their requisitions, en forcing the above order in their respec tive commands, forthwith, in order to  enable the Adjutant-General to return  the Rank Roll to the Major-Generals  Office by the 1st of Feburary, which he  is hereby required to do. Colonels of Reg iments will return their delinquent lists,  through their respective Adjutants, to  the Adjutant-General, by the 15th of  Feburary—those, therefore, who have  not yet holden their Courts of Assess ments, and Appeals, are required to do  so forthwith—the Court of Assessment  to consist of the Captains of Companies,  the Major, and the Adjutant; the Major  presiding, and the Adjutant recording— the Court of Appeals to consist of the  Colonel, Lieutenant-Colonel, Major, and  Adjutant; the Colonel presiding, and the  Adjutant recording. A General Court  Martial will convene at the office of  Brevet-Major-General Hyrum Smith, in this city, on the 2nd Saturday of  March, at 6 o’clock, P. M. The next  General Parade will take place in the  City of Nanvoo, at the usual place of  General Rendezvous, on Saturday the 7th  day of May next, at 10 o’clock, A, M.;  and the officer drill on the Thursday and  Friday next preceeding,—the 5th and 6th.
The Brigadier-Generals are directed  to require the Colonels of Regiments to  order Battalion Parades, some time prior  to the General Parade, within the bounds  of their respective commands—the Colo nels will act as reviewing officers, and  the Lieuienant-Colonels, and Majors,  will command their respective Battalions.
The officers will take post according to  the rank assigned them by the date of  their commissions, agreeably to the rules  and regulations of the United States Ar my, and the rules heretofore adopted of  ranking by grade of companies is hereby  abrogated.
The officers concerned are commanded  to report to the Major-General any vio lation, or disobedience, of these General  Orders, as the utmost rigor will be ob served in their execution, and the most  severe penalty of the law inflicted upon  any violation of strict military discipline.
The officers of the Legion, will there fore, take notice, and govern themselves  accordingly, and make public proclama tion of these orders throughout their re spective commands.
By the annual return of the Major- General to the office of the Adjutant- General of State, at Springfield, it will  be seen that the strength of the Legion is  1490—all pretty well disciplined troops.  This will form an effective force when  the state requires their services. [p. 654]
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