General Orders for Nauvoo Legion, 25 May 1841

HEAD QUARTERS, Nauvoo Legion,)
City of Nauvoo, Illinois,)
May 25th, A. D. 1841.)
The 1st Company, (riflemen) 1st Battalion,  2nd Regiment, 2nd Cohort, will be attached  to the escort contemplated in the general or ders of the 4th inst., for the 3rd of July next.
In forming the Legion, the Adjutant will  observe the rank of companies as follows;  to wit:
1st Cohort—the flying artillery first, the  lancers next, and the riflemen next—visiting  companies of dragoons next the lancers, and  cavalry next the dragoons:
2nd Cohort—the artillery first, the lancers  next, the riflemen next, the light-infantry  next, and the infantry next—visiting compa nies in their appropriate places on the right  of the troops of their own grade: the ranking  company of the 1st Cohort will be formed on  the right of said cohort, and the ranking  company of the 2nd Cohort will be formed on  the left of said cohort,—the next on the left  of the right, the next on the right of the left,  and so on to the center. The escort will be  formed on the right of the forces.
Lieutenant General.
Major General. [p. 435]
JS, General Orders, Nauvoo, IL, to the Nauvoo Legion, Nauvoo, IL, 25 May 1841; in Times and Seasons, 1 June 1841, 2:435.