Instruction on Priesthood, 5 October 1840

It is a very prevalent opinion that in the sacrifices <sacrifices> of <which>  were offered were entirely consumed, this was not  the case if you read Leviticus [blank] Chap [blank] Verses  you will observe that the priests took a part as a  memorial and offered it up before the Lord, while  the remainder was kept for the benefit <maintenance> of the priests—  So that the offerings and sacrifices are not all consu med upon the Altar, but the blood is sprinkled and  the fat and certain other portions are consumed  These sacrifices as well as every ordinance belonging  to the priesthood will when the temple of the Lord  shall be built <and the sons [of] Levi be purified> be fully restored and attended to [illegible]  the Sons of Levi shall be purified. all their powers, raniffications <ramifications>, and blessings— this  ever was did and will be exist when the powers of the Melchisida  Priesthood are sufficiently manifest. else how can  the restitution of all things spoken of by all the  Holy prophets be brought to pass be brought to  pass, It is not to be understood that, the law of  Moses will be fully established again with all  its rights and <variety of ceremonies> ceremonies <this has never been spoken of by the prophets> but those things which  existed prior to Mose’s day viz Sacrifice, will  be continued— It may be asked by some what neces sity for Sacrifice since the great Sacrifice was offered?  In answer to which if Repentance Baptism and faith  were necessary to Salvation <existed> prior to the days of christ  what necessity for them since that time——
The priesthood has descended in a regular line from  Father to Son through their succeeding generations
See Book of Doctrine & Covenants [p. 10]
JS, instruction on priesthood, Nauvoo, IL, 5 Oct. 1840; handwriting of Robert B. Thompson; ten pages; JS Collection, CHL. Includes endorsements.