Letter from Alvah Tippets, 20 October 1834

The following letter was presented by John H. Tippits [Tippets] and  formed the subject of the preceding council.
Written to brother Joseph & high council in Kirtland  by Alvah L. Tippits to be sent greeting.
Brother Joseph will recollect the time I left Kirtland  last winter in order to come for to dispose of the prop erty I had in possession, which I have been striving  to do, from that time till about the first of Sept. last. [p. 78]
Alvah Tippets, letter, Lewis, NY, to JS and Kirtland High Council, Kirtland, OH, 20 Oct. 1834; handwriting of Warren Cowdery; in Minute Book 1, pp. 78–80; CHL.