Letter from Elias Higbee, 16 April 1839

Quincy April 16th 1839
To Joseph Smith Jr and others, prisoners  in Liberty or elsewhere Greeting
Dear Brethren in affliction, Through the mercy and  providence of God, I am here alive and in tolerable health, as also are all of  your families as far as I know, having heard from them lately, and having seen  sister Emma yesterday. Brethren I have sorrow of heart when I think of  your great sufferings by that ungodly mob which has spread such desolation  and caused so much suffering among us. I often reflect on the scenes which we  passed through together, the course we pursued, the concillings we had, the results  which followed, when harassed, pressed on every side, insulted and abused by  that lawless banditti; and am decidedly of opinion that the hand of the  great God hath controlled the whole business for purposes of his own which will  eventually work out good for the Saints; (I mean those who are worthy of that  name,) knowing that your intentions and the intentions of all the worthy  saints have been pure and tending to do good to all men, and to injure no man in  person or property except we were forced to it in defence of our lives.
Brethren, I am aware that I cannot wholly realize your sufferings  neither can any other person who has not experienced the like affliction, but I  doubt not for a moment, neither have I ever doubted for a moment, but that  the same God which delivered me from their grasp, (though narrowly) will deliver  you. I staid near Far West for about three weeks being hunted by them almost  every day, and as I learned they did not intend to give me the chance of a trial  but put an end to me forthwith I sent for my horse and left the wicked clan and  come off. Francis [Higbee] is with his uncle in Ohio. I received a letter lately from  him, he is strong in the faith. I now live in the Big neck Prairie, on the same  farm with President [Sidney] Rigdon who is here with me and waiting for me with his  riding dress on to go home, so I must necessarily close, praying God to speedily  deliver you and bless you.
From yours in the bonds of the everlasting love,
Elias Higbee, letter, Quincy, IL, to JS and others, Liberty, MO, 16 Apr. 1839; handwriting of James Mulholland; in JS Letterbook 2, p. 6; JS Collection, CHL.