Letter from Elias Higbee, 24 March 1840

I have done all I could in this matter; depending on the  good judgment of Judge Young to legislate for us  to the best advantage— I am inclined however to  think if it was an error, it was one of the head  and not of the heart. Mr. [Horace] Hotchkiss has addressed  a letter to yourself bror. Rigdon & myself, which  seems to [be] written with much good feeling, (sd. letter  is from Fairhaven Connt.) he desires to know  concerning our business here, inviting us to make his  home our home should we travel in that region
He writes that his health is very bad— I have  been talking with Mr. <Steward> concerning a Memorial— requesting  him to bring it before the house; who has promised  so to do if he can; he says he will talk with  some of the members respecting it— I have answered  Mr. Hotchkiss’ letter this day, and sent him the  Report of the Committee
Bro, J. S. [p. 107]
Elias Higbee, letter, Washington DC, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 24 Mar. 1840; handwriting of Howard Coray; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 105–107; JS Collection, CHL.