Letter from Elias Higbee, 9 March 1840

offence towards God in this matter— The subscription  of which the Report makes mention— was on cond ition, they could not lawfully do any thing for  us— After examination we were to submit and  wait untill the great disposer of human events, shall  adjust these things, in that place where the wicked  cease from troubling, and the weary are at rest—  (This I think is nearly the sentiment, though perhaps  not the very worlds words). And I for one hope and  pray, the time will soon come, when they will  not trouble us in the West as they have hitherto  done— There is a man here, <who> owns two printing  presses, and much Type, reading our Books, (on  whom I occasionally call), I will, with the  assistance of God, get to come to the West as  soon as possible with his press, that you may  set him to printing the truth— He told me if  we had any printing to do, he would do it  cheap; and even go to the West if necessary—
Give my respects to P. [Orrin Porter] Rockwell, Dr. [Robert D.] Foster  and also all the household of faith
Elias Higbee, letter, Washington DC, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 9 Mar. 1840; handwriting of Howard Coray; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 104–105; JS Collection, CHL.