Letter from Harvey Whitlock, 28 September 1835

chastisement that the Lord sees I deserve.
Now hear my prayer and suffer me to br eak forth in the agony of my soul. O ye  Angels! that surround the throne <of God,> Princes of  heaven, that excell in strength, ye who are  clothed with transcendant brightness, plead  O plead for one of the most wretched  of the sons of men. O ye heavens! whose  azure arches rise immensely high and st rech immeasurably wide, grand ampith eater of nature, throne of the eternal God  bow to hear the prayer of a poor wretched  bewildered way wanderer to eternity, O thou  great Omnicient & omnipresent Jehovah,  thou who siteth upon the throne before  whom all things are present, thou maker  moulder & fashioner of all things visible and  invisable breath[e] o breath[e] into the ears of  thy servant the Prophet, words sutably ad apted, to my case, and situation, speak  once more, make known thy will conc erning me, which favours I ask in the  name of the Son of God Amen
N.B I hope you will not let any buis iness prevent you from answering this lett er in hast[e]
Yours Respectfully
to Joseph Smith [p. 41]
Harvey Whitlock, letter, location unknown, to JS, Kirtland, OH, 28 Sept. 1835; handwriting of Frederick G. Williams and Warren Parrish; in JS, Journal, Sept. 1835–Apr. 1836, pp. 38–41; JS Collection, CHL.