Letter from John C. Bennett, 27 July 1840

Quartermaster-General’s Office,
Fairfield, Illinois July 27th. 1840
To the
" Joseph Smith Jr
Respected Friends:—
I wrote you a few days  ago from this place but my great desire to be with  you and your people prompts me to write me again  at this time; and I hope it will not be considered obtr usive by friends whom I have always so highly esteemed  as yourselves. At the last district and circuit Court  of the United States, holden at Springfield in June  last I had the honor of being on the grand Inquest  of the United States for the District of Illinois, and  hoped to have seen you there; but was quite disappoi nted. I attended the meeting of your people oppos ite Mr Lowry’s Hotel but did not make myself known  as I had no personal acquaintance in the Congregation.
It would be my deliberate advice to you to con centrate all of your Church at one point— If Hancock  County with Commerce for its commercial emporium is to  be that point, well,— fix upon it and let us co-operate  with a general concerted action. You can rely upon me  in any event. I am with you in Spirit, and will be  in person as soon as circumstances permit, and imme diately if it is your desire. Wealth is no material  object with me; I desire to be happy and am fully  satisfied that I can enjoy myself better with your people [p. 170]
John C. Bennett, letter, Fairfield, IL, to JS and Sidney Rigdon, Nauvoo, IL, 27 July 1840; handwriting of Howard Coray; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 170–171; JS Collection, CHL.