Letter from John E. Page, 23 September 1840

Cincinatti September 23d. 1840
Your humble servant embraces with  pleasur this opportunity to pin [pen] for your edification  a few lines. I congratulate you with the stedy march  and advancement of the cause of Christ, as has fallen  under my observation. Elder [Orson] Hyde and myself have  been treated with respect, and had the greatest atte ntion paid us by the brethren and sisters; and, also  the Gentiles by gentlemen & ladies of the first class in  society, we have been made welcome very hartily to their  dwellings and comforts of life. When we separate with  them, they grip our hands with tears standing full in  their eyes, bidding us farewell and often leave something  noble with us to help us on our mission; and a firm  promise that they will duly reflect on the great things  which we have told them. They ardently request us  to send them some competent Elders to preach to  them; yes, dear bretheren the cause of truth is marching  onward with unparalleled rapidity, and victory! victory!  will soon be the shout of all the faithful in Christ; and  thank the Lord, thank the Lord is the language of  unworthy me, that I have lived to see 1840 with all  its attendant evidences of truth of the Book of Mormon,  and the book of Doctrine and Covenants. I must save  a place in this communication to make some remarks  concerning Bro. E[benezer] Robinson. I can say in truth &  soberness that he merits the esteem and confidence of the  Saints and all good men for his diligence and econ omy while getting the Book of Mormon stereotyped &c  here. The honest and frank course he has pursued  towards the Gent. whith whom he has been concerned  in business (viz. Mr. Shepherd Stearns & others) has  conciliated their everlasting respect and esteem, from  their own manifestations to me. Dear bretheren and  Sisters your humble servants Elder Hyde and myself [p. 181]
John E. Page, letter, Cincinnati, OH, to JS and others, Nauvoo, IL, 23 Sept. 1840; handwriting of Howard Coray; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 181–182; JS Collection, CHL.