Letter from Joseph Bosworth, 17 February 1834

taken of to View an other Sight which then presented it self to my view— I now Saw— two armies one from  the north and the other from the South parraded  in two Strait Lines faceing Each other near together  Extending from East to wist as <I> thought through the  hole Earth all mounted on horses Equipt with arms  of warfare in the highist pomp all Standing Still  prepared for a most tremendious battle—. I Saw  no fighting Except one Exchange of Shots by  a few men Verry far in the west So far that  I could not here the report of guns but Saw  the motion and the Smoke of burning powder  I Stood on the groun[d] with Some of my Breathren  where this great Light Shone So bright not  armed our Selves in this battle nor was I the Least  Intimidated Brother Thomas Gordon Stood by and  Said Br Joseph a I am <not> a <not> fraid on which I asked  him if [he] Saw the Smoke in the west
thus the Scene closed and <I> Came out of my  Vision— I then arose out of bed put on my  cloths Left my house and went to my usual  Lonely place of Secret prayer— and there  prostrating my boddy and face to the Dust  gave thanks to God for the things which he had  Shown to me and prayed to God in the name of  Jesus Christ if it was Consistant for me to know  the interpetation or any part of it that it  might be given to me.
I then returned to my house and Soon retired  to rest again it being about the 12th hour of  the night— on which I all most immediately  had the following revalation or Vision as  an interpetation of the first
Vision Second
first I Saw my self in Various parts and in  in Differant Congregations of men and Woman  many of which I Knew— Laboring with great  Diligence in the word of God and proclaiming  the things which I had Seen in a Vision of the  two Lights and the Great armies of horse men.  Many times relating all the particualars with  Great Candor— on which Some believed and  Some persecuted me most unsufferably [p. [2]]
Joseph Bosworth, letter, Copley, OH, to JS, Kirtland, OH, 17 Feb. 1834; presumably handwriting of Joseph Bosworth; four pages; JS Collection, CHL. Includes endorsements.