Letter from Oliver Cowdery, 28 December 1829

<Let[ter] 2> Manchester Dececember 28th AD 1829
Brother Joseph Smith Jr–
It may Seam Supe[r]fluous for me to write as Father [p. 4]
Revealing his own spiritual status to JS, then in Harmony, Pennsylvania, Oliver Cowdery wrote this letter from Manchester, New York, at a time of startling developments related to the printing of the Book of Mormon. Adopting the pseudonym Obadiah Dogberry, Jun., Palmyra, New York, resident Abner Cole declared in the 9 December 1829 issue of his weekly newspaper, The Reflector, that he would begin publishing extracts from the “Gold Bible.” Cole produced his paper at E. B. Grandin’s printing office in Palmyra, which gave him access to the pages of the Book of Mormon then in press.
While Cowdery’s letter focused on his personal feelings and made no specific mention of the Cole development, it indicated that Joseph Smith Sr. was in route to his son’s home in Harmony. JS soon returned to New York with his father and confronted Cole.
Cowdery’s original letter is not available. JS himself later copied it into his Letterbook 1, probably in late 1832 or early 1833.