Letter from Parley P. Pratt, 13 March 1842

Liverpool March 13th  1842
Dear Brethren President Smith and  the twelve, I Drop you a hasty line  to Inform you that Br Amos Fielding  sets sail tomorrow Morning for Nauvoo With  the Ship Hanover, 230 passengers. He is  Coming on a visit, and on Buisiness, and I  Can, with all Confidence Recomend him to you  as an honest, prudent and trustworthy  man Who has the Building up of Zion and  the gathering of the People at heart.
Some Merchants here entirely uncon nected with the Church have advanced us  about 3,000 Dollars in Gold to Buy flour  in Nauvoo, and vicinity to ship Back here  for the supply of Our ships and other ships  next fall and Winter. We have Laid out  about 2000 Dollars in Wollens, Merinoes,  Delanes, Muslins, and the most sale[a]ble  goods, purchased at the Lowest Cash terms  in the Manchester Market, Mr, F. will  Bring these and some Gold to Nauvoo  in Order to make an immediate exchange  for flour, and some Wheat. to Bring  Back with him, to be here by the  first of September next, at Which time  he must be here to attend to Emigration  as no one can fill his place, as it takes  much experience as well as care  and prudence to Charter and fit up a  ship and provision for Emigrants.
He also wishes to Cooperate with  you in the Establishment of an  Agent in New Orleans, and a provision  for River Navigation, as We now almost  hold the keys of the port of Liverpool [p. [1]]
Parley P. Pratt, Letter, Liverpool, England, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 13 Mar. 1842; handwriting of Parley P. Pratt; four pages; JS Collection, CHL. Includes endorsements.