Letter from Parley P. Pratt, 4 December 1841

advise, for I get no letters from America either from you  or any one else, except one of late from Elder G[eorge] A, Smith.  do not fail to write this once as I have never Recd. a letter  from you since I have been in this Land.
And now I would ask advise on several points.
first, I would wish to come home in the spring and stay till,  the temple is done, if it is wisdom.
Secondly, have you any advise to give us to any ferther  provision for the care and government of the Churches in  this Land in my Absence, and in the abscence of the  Residue of the quorum?
thirdly, any Advise or instructions in Regard to gathering  of the Saints from this Land?
fourthly, any instructions as to the spread of the message  to other Nations?
fifthly, When Will The “purchased possesion” be Redeemed  and the temple and city commence in Jackson Co, Mo.
sixthly. When Will the ungodly, lying, Gentiles begin  to loose their Power and cease to Rule; and We  who have now spent half of our lives for them  be privaledged to turn from the Gentiles and go  in full power to the Remnants of joseph and  Israel?
Now Dear Br, If you will answer this  Letter the same night you get it and answer  these six questions, and impart such other  Advise or instruction as God may give you  it will be a great Blessing to me.—
as to news, the Lord is Still working in power  and signs in this land. Many of the sick are healed, many have  visions, some in Dreams, and some in Open day. the minis tering of Angels is frequently enjoyed, and in short all  the gifts of God are frequently manifested, as far as  they have been generally attended to attained to, in  this age. [p. [2]]
Partley P. Pratt, Letter, Manchester, England, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 4 Dec. 1841; handwriting of Parley P. Pratt; four pages; JS Collection, CHL.