Letter from Parley P. Pratt, 4 December 1841

Manchester, Dec, 4th 1841.
Dear Brother Smith,
I take this oppertunity to comuni cate with you, and would say that myself and family are  all Well. and We wish health and peace and favour to rest  abundantly upon you and your family and all the household  of faith. We Rejoice greatly in the continual good news Which  We hear from the Land of Zion, and in the Spirit of faith, union,  confidence, enterprise and industry Which seems to prevail and in crease in your midst. We Rejoice in the Building of the temple  and feel great desire to push it forward. you will doubtless  get the Letter I sent last and you will there see What my  mind has been on that subject for some time and I find that  it is in perfect accordance with the Spirit of the Lord in Nauvoo.  viz. to push the Temple ahead with all posible Speed. and I hope  it will be enclosed by next fall. Br [Joseph] Fielding and myself will  continue to forward according to our ability, and will endeavour  to influence others so to do. But O! Br, Joseph Millions  of Labourers are out of employ, and are starving in this country,  and among others hundreds of the most faithful saints. and  hundreds more are laboring like slaves on about half what they  can eat. This pains my heart, and I sometimes feel as if I  could take them all on my shoulders and upon my arms and  carry them to Zion; but allass, the means is Wanting. yet we  are enabled to work the deliverance of many by humbling  the rich and exalting the poor, But Dear Br, the saints in this  country are nearly all poor and there is no Capital among them  as it were; therefore they cannot fulfil your epistle  in Regard to men of Capital coming first to prepare the way  for the Rich will not hear nor obey the gospel. and the  poor must flea or perish. and if they perish they had rather  perish Where provisions cost about one sixth part what they  cost here. Yea, most gladly would they sell them selves for  slaves to their Brethern in America for the sake of a being  on the earth, but no one will buy them. (that is hire them,  and advance them money to go with.)
Dear Br be so kind as to write me a few lines in answer  to this letter, and give me a word of encouragement, and [p. [1]]
Partley P. Pratt, Letter, Manchester, England, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 4 Dec. 1841; handwriting of Parley P. Pratt; four pages; JS Collection, CHL.