Letter from Robert D. Foster, 24 December 1839

scripture— I asked God to give me the victory,  and <down> came the Mighty Methodist, by a little—  shepherd boy of a Mormon— I asked him to  be so kind as to give me his meeting house, to  preach in some in the night— but he said  he would not— he would not pollute it— I  then told him that was not right— he said  it was, and would consider my doctrine <false> till  I performed a miricle— I told him not to  forbid others believing, but he said he would—
I told him if he said any thing ungentle manly from the pulpit, if I heard him  I should take the liberty to reply— said  if I did he would have me put out of the  house— I then requested him to appoint time  and place, and we would discuss before  the publick— but he said he would not  waste his time with such nonsence— and  that he was sorry such a promising young  man should be so deluded— I told him I  asked no sorrow, and begged he would give  himself no uneasiness on that head— He  was the most whipped <man> I ever have seen, and  repented having his friends brought in, I  know; he is the champion of the Methodist  and is whipped well— I did not tell him how  I whipped him but I will tell you— I asked God  to close his mouth, if he did not receive it gl adly, and he did— I can whip as many Meth odist as there are blades of grass on the largest  Prairie in Illinois, if God will assist me— and  this is way in which I whipped him— God filled  my mouth and my heart— and I was as hap py as any mortal could be— while he was wri thing in the most awful agony of body & mind.
I cannot tell you all, but I will visit all the  Priests in Washington, but what I will find  some honest heart to embrace the truth.— I am  not discouraged, I am going to hunt them [p. 121]
Robert D. Foster, letter, Washington DC, to JS, Philadelphia, PA, 24 Dec. 1839; handwriting of Howard Coray; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 119–122; JS Collection, CHL.