Letter from Robert D. Foster, 24 December 1839

out and leave them without excuse— I preach  at Mr. Bakers on Christmas day, or rather in the  evening— and then I expect God will bless me,  and not let me be confounded— I know noth ing about preaching, only, as the Lord shows me  while I am speaking— They all say that I pre ached the best last night they ever heard—  I will go on; pray that I may be humble and  faithful— I hope by the time you returns, I shall  have work for you in the Potomac— I conclude  by sending my whole soul <to you> wrapped up in the  love and power of God through the merits of  Jesus— The message come to day & I sent one  to Commerce & also one to B[enjamin] S. Wilber; but our  case is not mentioned at all, Bro, [Sidney] Rigdon is upon  the whole better— he is as well where he is as any  where, at present— We have no letters, in consequence  of the Rail Road being blocked up— I hope you  are all happy in the Lord & Savior— I thank you  for all your friendly advise & kind admonitions;  may they continue for I have found they are doing  me good; but dont whip poor Judge too hard,  for he is a faithful soul— In all your letters to  Commerce send our love, and we will do the same  in our correspondence— I am agoing hunting to mor row after another Priest— please send us a full  letter as soon as you please— We shall be happy  to receive any good inteligence, and you will  send no othe[r]— here ends the letter, and aint it a  long one— Yes says you and a rough one too—  but it is better than none for you know I was  not dead when this was written— I dont know any  thing about you only that I love you all, dead  or alive am this night your
Brother in Christ
Robert D. Foster, letter, Washington DC, to JS, Philadelphia, PA, 24 Dec. 1839; handwriting of Howard Coray; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 119–122; JS Collection, CHL.