Letter from [William W. Phelps], 14 November 1833

November 14, 1833.
Since I last wrote, our brethren have been moving in every direction. It  is impossible to say where many of them are.—The situation of many is  critical having nothing to buy food with, and having raised none the passed  season. Great destruction is said to be making with the property left—such  as corn, potatoes, household furniture, &c. The Savior said, Blessed are ye  when ye are hated of all men for my name’s sake—and I think we have come  to that. It is impossible to give you the information which requires a per sonal interview. Now is the hour that tries our souls; yea, the souls of the  saints: we want victuals and clothes, and we mean to be saved, even if we  die—for life with the present prospect before us, is not very desirable! I shall  give more general information in my next if I can obtain it.
In great tribulation,
Yours, &c.” [p. 119]
[William W. Phelps], letter, Independence, MO, to church leaders, Kirtland, OH, 14 Nov. 1833; The Evening and the Morning Star, Dec. 1833, p. 119.