Letter from [William W. Phelps], 6–7 November 1833

November 6, 1833.
Dear brethren,— Since I last wrote we have had horrible times. When  I returned

4 Nov. 1833

JS returned to Kirtland, Ohio, from journey to Mount Pleasant, Upper Canada.

from —— behold the enemy had suddenly come upon our breth ren

2 Nov. 1833

Vigilantes attacked Blue River settlement, Kaw Township, Jackson County, Missouri, but retreated when Saints returned gunfire.

above Blue, and had thrown down 10 or 12 houses, and nearly whipped  some to death, among whom was H[iram] Page

1800–12 Aug. 1852. Physician, farmer. Born in Vermont. Married Catherine Whitmer, 10 Nov. 1825, in Seneca Co., New York. One of the Eight Witnesses of the Book of Mormon, June 1829. Baptized into LDS church by Oliver Cowdery, 11 Apr. 1830, at Seneca Lake,...

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.—This was done on Thursday  night.—On Tuesday night they commenced in Independence

Located twelve miles from western Missouri border. Permanently settled, platted, and designated county seat, 1827. Hub for steamboat travel on Missouri River. Point of departure for Santa Fe Trail. Population in 1831 about 300. Mormon population by summer...

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5 Nov. 1833

County militia called out and assembled against Latter-day Saints, Independence, Jackson County, Missouri.

; broke all the  windows of the brethren’s houses in; broke open the doors of bro. [Sidney] Gilbert

28 Dec. 1789–29 June 1834. Merchant. Born at New Haven, New Haven Co., Connecticut. Son of Eli Gilbert and Lydia Hemingway. Moved to Huntington, Fairfield Co., Connecticut; to Monroe, Monroe Co., Michigan Territory, by Sept. 1818; to Painesville, Geauga Co...

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’s  store

JS revelation, dated 20 July 1831, directed A. Sidney Gilbert, Newel K. Whitney’s Ohio business partner, to establish store in Independence. Gilbert first purchased vacated log courthouse, located on lot 59 at intersection of Lynn and Lexington Streets, to...

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, strewed the goods in the streets. Saturday night they fell upon the  brethren at the Blue—nearly beat one to death! but one of Manship’s sons  was dangerously wounded with a rifle ball, they fled. On Monday about sun  set, a regular action was fought above Blue; we had 4 wounded—They  had 5 wounded and killed; among the latter were Mr. [Hugh] Breazeal

Ca. 1803–4 Nov. 1833. Lawyer. Moved to Roane Co., Tennessee, by 1826. Married Amanda M. King, 15 Feb. 1827, in Roane Co. Traveled to Independence, Jackson Co., Missouri, to participate in Mormon War, possibly at urging of brother-in-law, Austin A. King. Killed...

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and Mr.  Linville. From Friday till Tuesday after noon our brethren were under  arms. On Tuesday the mob had about three hundred collected—Before  any blood was shed we agreed to go away immediately.
It is a horrid time, men, women and children are fleeing, or preparing to,  in all directions, almost—We mean to try to settle in Van Buren county if  possible, God only knows our lot.
Yours &c.
November 7, 1833.
Since I wrote yesterday morning, another horrid scene has transpired.— After our people agreed to leave the county

Settled at Fort Osage, 1808. County created, 16 Feb. 1825; organized 1826. Named after U.S. president Andrew Jackson. Featured fertile lands along Missouri River and was Santa Fe Trail departure point, which attracted immigrants to area. Area of county reduced...

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and were dispersed from each  other in a measure, a party of the mob went to the Blue, and began to whip,  and, as I heard late last night, murder!
All hopes of going to the south was given up last night, when it was re solved that we should be driven

8 Nov. 1833

Latter-day Saints were fleeing Jackson County, Missouri, migrating primarily to Clay County, Missouri.

forthwith into Clay county

Settled ca. 1800. Organized from Ray Co., 1822. Original size diminished when land was taken to create several surrounding counties. Liberty designated county seat, 1822. Population in 1830 about 5,000; in 1836 about 8,500; and in 1840 about 8,300. Refuge...

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. The brethren  have been driven into the woods, and God only knows what will become  of them. Women and children are flocking to Everett’s and Hancock’s  Ferry. Our families will have to take the ground for a floor to-night if  they get down in season to cross the Missouri

One of longest rivers in North America, in excess of 3,000 miles. From headwaters in Montana to confluence with Mississippi near Saint Louis, Missouri river drains 580,000 square miles (about one-sixth of continental U.S.). Explored by Lewis and Clark, 1804...

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. Yours in affliction, &c. [p. 119]
[William W. Phelps

17 Feb. 1792–7 Mar. 1872. Writer, teacher, printer, newspaper editor, publisher, postmaster, lawyer. Born at Hanover, Morris Co., New Jersey. Son of Enon Phelps and Mehitabel Goldsmith. Moved to Homer, Cortland Co., New York, 1800. Married Sally Waterman,...

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], letter, Liberty

Located in western Missouri, thirteen miles north of Independence. Settled 1820. Clay Co. seat, 1822. Incorporated as town, May 1829. Following expulsion from Jackson Co., 1833, many Latter-day Saints found refuge in Clay Co., with church leaders and other...

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, MO, to JS, Kirtland

Located ten miles south of Lake Erie. Settled by 1811. Organized by 1818. Population in 1830 about 55 Latter-day Saints and 1,000 others; in 1838 about 2,000 Saints and 1,200 others; in 1839 about 100 Saints and 1,500 others. Mormon missionaries visited township...

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, OH, 6–7 Nov. 1833; The Evening and the Morning Star, Dec. 1833, p. 119.