Letter to Edward Hunter, 21 December 1841

Nauvoo Dec 21st. 1821 [1841]
Beloved Brother,
Yours of the 27th of October came to hand  at a late date, but I am now able to say to you that the  power of Attorney is executed & sent up to the Clerks office  for the Seat of State. & will be forwarded direct from there,  it is now on the way most probably.
Your letter did not arrive till after Mr  [Ephraim] Potter returnd with the goods. which I receved in  Safety. & Bro Potter has started on a mission to the  Inhabitants of Jamaica. one of the west India  Isles.—
I will accept the goods as you propose on  your debt, so far as it goes, and answer the remainder  on the payments which you mention as they become  due.
I have purchased 90 acres of Timber land in  the vicinity of Nauvoo. A little up the River. &  have made proposals to [Hugh] Mc Fall. but as yet, am  waiting for him to recive answers from his  correspondent in the East. I shall be able to purchase  all the woodland you will want, in a little time.
As it respects Steam engines & mills my  opinion is we cannot have too many of them. This  place has sufferd exceedingly for such mills in our midst  & neither one nor two can do the business of this place [p. [1]]
JS, Letter, Nauvoo, IL, to Edward Hunter, West Nantmeal, PA, 21 Dec. 1841; handwriting of Willard Richards; three pages; JS Collection, CHL.