Letter to Edward Partridge, 5 December 1833

Kirtland Dec 5th 1833
Dear Brethren
We have Just received a letter from  brother [William W.] Phelps dated 6th & 7th Nov at Liberty  which gives us the painful intelegence of  the rage of the enemy and your present un settled situation, but I must inform you that  there is a great anxiety resting upon our minds  with regard to the true state of affairs in Zion  for there seems to be some difference in the  statements of bro Phelps letter and that of bro  Orsons [Orson Hyde’s] communication to the Editors of Missouri  Republican, bro Orson states that on Monday the  fourth the Mob collected in Independence to  the number of two or three hundred well armed  and a part of their number went above Blue  to drive away our people and distroy our prop erty but they were met by a party of our people [p. 65]
In early November 1833, JS received reports of continuing vigilante violence toward church members in Missouri, including raids on Mormon settlements. However, some of those reports contained conflicting information. JS wrote this letter to Bishop Edward Partridge, the presiding officer in Missouri, seeking clarification on the situation. While encouraging Partridge to remain firm despite the hostility and recommending application to the government for redress, he lamented that Ohio members could not assist the Missouri Saints due to their own limited circumstances.
JS wrote this letter from Kirtland, Ohio, to Partridge at Liberty, Missouri. Frederick G. Williams transcribed a copy into JS Letterbook 1.